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Key Issues


Public Safety

Another top priority is making sure that all District 11 residents feel safe in their own communities. As commissioner, I want to keep our neighborhoods safe and thriving by taking the community-first approach to security. Enhanced public safety starts with ensuring stability in our neighborhoods.


As Director of Community Engagement for Chattanooga Preparatory School, know firsthand that education is the key to our kids' and communities' success. While we have made progress, the Hamilton County school system still has untapped potential. We’re seeing significant racial disparities and achievement gaps in our schools, and the pandemic has only magnified these inequities. 

The school to prison pipeline is still present here in Hamilton County. I plan to introduce measures to omit that system and enhance opportunities for our youth. As commissioner, I will ensure that I do everything in my power to provide access to a quality education for all students in Hamilton County.

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It’s important that we create a stable economy for all Hamilton County residents. As a small business owner, I understand the power of local workforce. We’ve seen jobs and contracts being consistently outsourced to those that live outside of Hamilton County. I want to work to bring opportunities back into our communities to create a thriving local economy.

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